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2019 october: Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Part II

We left La Guajira heading south and made a second stop in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, only this time on the eastern flank with a starting point in the small village of Valledupar.

We planned to visit a small community of the Arhuacos. The Kogi are very spiritual, but also sociable. On the other hand the Arhuacos behave completely different and very closed. From Valledupar we went to a small village called Pueblo Bello, where a local intermediary took over with his Landcruiser. On this road we spent 4 hours for 10 km. Nabusimake was 30 years ago a small road made of concrete slabs. Over time, the concrete slabs were no longer visible and the remaining grooves, up to 70 cm deep, were a huge challenge even for a Toyota Landcruiser. As expected, the driving and the discussions with the Arhuacos were not easy and for me, at the end of the day it was not a great success. Finally, I was able to take impressive pictures of the Kogi, Wayuu and some of the Arhuacos as well.