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2019 June: Bolivia Potosi and its colonialism charm

Before returning to the border crossing to Bolivia, we were blocked from the road for about 3 hours. During the night there was a heavy snowfall and the police let us through only after it had passed and cleared. The day was very long.

Back in Bolivia, we went to Potosi. For the distance of 650 km and 90 percent gravel road we needed about 12 hours without a break. It was a real act of violence, said my driver and friend Roberto Soux. So, we had an extra day for the beautiful old colonial architecture of Potosi and its charm. In contrast to La Paz and Lake Titicaca where the Aymara mainly live, the Indigos who live here are from the Quechua people.

After almost 3 weeks in Bolivia the end of the trip is near. We left Potosi for La Paz and the next morning I flew to Lima to continue my tour. In conclusion I have to say that Bolivia is for me personally one of the most beautiful countries I have visited in South America.