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2019 July: Peru - Amazonas – Iquitos y Rio Momon

Iquitos is the largest city in the tropical rainforest of the Andean state of Peru and is the starting point for one or more day excursions, more or less deep into the river landscape of the Amazon.

Some indigenous people can still be found in their natural environment, but you have to accept one or two days deeper into the rainforest and hire a good guide. In the surroundings of Iquitos, these tribes, some of them very progressive, dress up for the tourists and thus bring their culture closer to them. For me rather uninteresting. With the help of a guide we took a three days tour with a small boat into the intertwined watercourses to some tribes as the Yagua, Boras and Cocomas. We were also able to take pictures of some of the animals with the camera due to the variety of species that exist here.

The end of my trip was close and after two months, first in Bolivia and then in Peru, I went back to Germany. Belissa flew back to Piura and spent another 3 weeks with her family before she flew back to Germany with Ben and Annika.