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2019 august: Albania - Albanian Alps

It went from Shoder to Koman in the early morning. 

Valbona Valley

There we took the car ferry across Lake Koman and the Drin River to Fierza. With a lot of luck, because without a reservation, we got the ferry. The ferry was fully booked, but with the charm of Belissa and without my small change we got a last place. The journey took 4 hours through a breathtaking landscape. Then we drove further into the Valbona valley by car. There are extensive forests and karst mountains along the flanks of the valleys. We took some hikes in the Valbona valley.

Theth National Park

There are two ways to get from Valbona Valley to Theth National Park - 1. A 13 km hike over a pass or 2. By car back to Shkoder and then northwest over a narrow rocky 70 km road to Theth. This route is better to drive with an off-road vehicle. Our jeep clearly had its advantages.
We decided on the second variant, since the first variant was the logistical problem with our car. In Theth we took some hikes to the Grunas and Shala waterfalls, always surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

From Theth we went on to the border to Montenegro.