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2019 July: Peru - Parque Nacional Huascaran (Peruan Swiss)

The southernmost point of our journey was reached and now, we travelled back north.

One "day trip" we drove 1100 km as it was on our itinerary and it was really challenging for both the driver and the co-pilot. All along the Pacific coast to the north on the Pan-American Highway. After 17 hours, we finally reached the town of Paramonga located not far (180 km) from Huascaran National Park.

Huascaran National Park includes the Andean region beyond 4000 m of altitude in the middle of the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. Glaciers, turquoise lakes, raging rivers and imposing mountain ranges characterize this unique landscape. It is the second highest national park in South America, with Peru's highest mountain, Cerro Huascaran, and an El Dorado for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. In two whole days we explored this fascinating landscape and moved in heights between 3900 m and 4600 m. Laguna Llanganuco, Laguna Pato, Laguna 69 and Cañón del Pato were only some of the beautiful places we could see and take pictures.