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2019 october: Colombia – Sierra Nevada / Santa Marta

Arriving in Cartagena, in the north of Colombia, I was welcomed by Marcos, my driver and mainly an important intermediary and trusted representative for access to the rather reserved indigenous peoples of the Kogi and Arhuaca.
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2019 october: Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Part II

We left La Guajira heading south and made a second stop in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, only this time on the eastern flank with a starting point in the small village of Valledupar.
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2019 October: Colombia – Medellin

The last stop on my trip through Colombia was the metropolis of Medellín. Medellín is in a state of change. Not so long ago Medellin was known for its drug cartel and a very high crime rate. Since then it has developed rapidly and has become more and more a showcase for the whole of Latin America.
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